POE Powered Wall Dock for Amazon Echo Dot (Gen3)

Simple Installation

The EchoMount Pro has been designed to be installed in a Standard 35mm Deep Single UK Back Box or Standard 1.5" Deep US Back Box.

Precision Engineered

Machined from solid Aluminium, the unique EchoMount Pro design uses a magnetic disk which bonds to the Echo and clamps into the mount holding it firmly in place.

POE Powered

For Power, the EchoMount Pro requires a single CAT5/6 cable connected to a POE injector or POE switch upto 90 metres away.

Integrated Voice Control
for your Home...

The Alexa platform offers a vast number of integrations with Music Systems, Smart Home Systems and other Devices as well as thousands of other useful Skills available.

Add one in each room and the Echo makes a fabulous hands free intercom as well giving you the ability to make and receive calls from across the room with fantastic clarity.

Having it professionally installed on the wall means it will be exactly where you need it and always powered up and ready to respond. Mounting up on the wall dramatically improves the sound and in built microphones and makes it clearly visible from across the room.


EchoMount Pro

Designed for professional Custom Installers. The Amazon Echo Dot paired with the Vibari EchoMount Pro is the perfect partnership for Integrated Whole House Voice Control.